Meet The Collingwood Brewery Team


At The Collingwood Brewery, we celebrate the good things in life. Our beers are crafted from the freshest, all-natural ingredients. We are inspired by classic styles of brewing traditions and aim to create local brews that reflect international flavours from around the world.

Come for the beer and stick around for the company. You can find us hanging out in the tap room or singing along to ABBA on the canning line. The Collingwood Brewery is a dream that has come to life, and we know we’ve got it good here. The beer reflects that attitude and we take pride in each and every brew. So cheers to friends, family and great craft beer.


Chris Freeman

Head Brewer & Co-Founder

EMAIL  /  705.444.2337 ext.11

Chris had a dream of bringing really great beer to Collingwood, and the Collingwood Brewery is the realization of that dream. You’ll find him on the brew floor making really, really great beer, while dazzling everyone with his terrific singing voice. Opera to Disney, this guy can do it all.

Chris O'Connor

Sales Manager

EMAIL  /  705.444.2337 ext.13

Chris grew up on the West coast and fondly remembers running Kokanees to his dad, and not so fondly the mullet that he sported until graduation. If you need beer Chris is the guy to talk to. If he’s not on his phone you might find him in the Tap Room testing the wares, quality control… you know.  


Andrew Gilpin

Andrew Gilpin

Inside Sales

EMAIL  /  705.444.2337 ext.15

Andrew is our inside sales expert. He makes sure everywhere that carries our beer is stocked up and ready for Collingwood Beer Lovers everywhere on top of reaching out to new stores everyday! Andrew was a craft beer enthusiast before craft beer was cool. Know of somewhere that doesn't carry our beer? Andrew is the man to talk to!

Tory Reid


EMAIL  /  705.444.2337 ext.14

Tory is the numbers gal at the brewery. She fondly remembers the discovery that TCB’s Saison mixes incredibly well with a cider for the “Cideron” experience. You’ll find her behind her desk crunching numbers, but if you want some great beer cocktail ideas, she’s the one you need to talk to.

Sherry- Website Pic.jpg

Sherry Darroch


EMAIL  /  705.444.2337 ext.14

Along with Tory, Sherry takes care of everything numbers. She's the voice of reason when we feel like going on a spending spree. Although she was not well-versed in the craft beer world before starting with The Collingwood Brewery, Sherry loves to sip on a Rockwell Pilsner after a long day of crunching numbers.



Victoria Webster

Marketing & Events

EMAIL  /  705.444.2337 ext.12

Victoria gets to play around with the fun events that happen at the brewery as well as managing our social media outlets and enjoying all the brew-perks that come along with working in the craft beer industry! Know of an event you'd like to see us at or have an interest in hosting an event at the brewery- you need to talk to Vic!