The King Has Arrived

The Collingwood Brewery salutes the Fireside Extra Special Bitter, one of our signature beers since the very beginning.  We’re not ready, but it’s time to say goodbye.  Fireside ESB has been good to us with it’s medium malty flavours that meld so well together.  So good in fact, that it’s attracted some new attention.  Due to that attention, the Fireside ESB will be undergoing a transformation to a new name.  And for a beer as regal as this, deciding to take the high road, it’s only fitting that it rise from the ashes to reign supreme. The Collingwood Brewery would like to formerly introduce the new title for our signature Extra Special Bitter.  Loyal friends and customers, may we present to you, the first of it’s name: Kingpost ESB.

It has come to our attention that the name Fireside has been claimed, in the name of the king, just moments before we reached that peak.  Since we’ve been busy making beer time got away on us, what can we say?  And so we must let go of the name Fireside beside The Collingwood Brewery brand. 

We won’t get into any name calling, the beer decided on the high road after all, but a neighbour to the South beat us to the punch on some legal documents, claiming Fireside as their own.  We know our customers aren’t likely to confuse the identity of a Extra Special Bitter for a Cabernet Sauvignon but we’re bowing down gracefully.  After all, we just like to make good beer.  

You’ll see the Fireside ESB label make its transition to it’s new imperial title, Kingpost ESB over the next few months.  We’ll be selling the Fireside ESB tallboys until they’re gone at The Collingwood Brewery, so drop in for your keepsake cans if you’re sentimental like us.  Thanks for your unwavering support and although our ESB can is getting a slightly new look we promise not to mess around with the flavour you’ve come to know and love in the Extra Special Bitter.  

It’s been great Fireside ESB, onwards and upwards, cheers!