Farmhouse Ale

7.0 ABV / 20 IBU


Our award winning Saison is the colour of the golden sun. This beer has a lively carbonation which releases aromas of luscious tropical fruit. A mellow, honey sweetness is followed by a crisp, tart finish. From a backyard party to a cozy night in, this Saison is of a fine quality and for all occasions.

Serve in a stemmed tulip glass at 6-10C. Our Saison is unfiltered and sediment has settled on the bottom. Pour off the sediment for a clear beer, or rouse for more yeast character.

  Available in select LCBO's & brewery Tap Room and retail store. 

Available in select LCBO's & brewery Tap Room and retail store. 

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Whitney's Vintage Ale

Wet Hopped Ale

6.9% ABV / 35 IBU


Our award winning Whitney’s Vintage Ale is a tribute to the local brewing tradition begun by Richard Whitney, Brewer & Maltster of the original Collingwood Brewery in 1860. Brewed with the same Georgian Bay water Whitney used, this ale also features a generous amount of freshly harvested Beaver Valley Gold Honey. After fermentation, we add a staggering amount of wet hops from Bighead Hops in Meaford.

Serve in a stemmed tulip glass at 6-10° C. Vintage Ale is unfiltered and there will be sediment at the botom of the can.


FreeStyle Series Warp Nine

6% ABV / 28 IBU


First release from the Freestyle Series- Warp Nine.

A balanced blend of 55% 3-Point Saison and 45% Downhill Pale Ale blended and refermented. 

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FreeStyle Series Ontario IPA

6.2% ABV / 49 IBU 


Third release from the Freestyle Series- Ontario IPA.

India Pale Ale brewed with Ontario grown hops and barley.

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FreeStyle Series Unfiltered Pilsner

4.6% ABV / 26 IBU 


Second release from the Freestyle Series- Unfiltered Pilsner.

Our Rockwell Pilsner naked and unfiltered. Hazy, aromatic and delicious.

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FreeStyle Series Winter Stout

5.0% ABV / 30 IBU


Fourth release from the Freestyle Series- Festive oatmeal stout spiced with orange peel, cocoa nibs and cinnamon.



FreeStyle Series Whitney's Vintage Reserve

6.9%ABV / 35 IBU


The fifth release from our Freestyle Series brings a new twist on our Fall Seasonal, Whitney's Vintage Ale. We took the original wet hopped, honey ale and dry hopped it with Sunset Gold Hops. 

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